Lofic’s vision is to redefine the way user-generated-music is recorded, produced and published, using advanced AI and machine-learning algorithms to enable music creation all over the world.

Lofic is looking for an experienced machine learning engineer with passion to music to join its core R&D team, to take part in  delivering the next generation music production.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead state-of-the-art machine learning research, in the fields of signal processing, sound analysis, augmentation and enhancement.

  • Design, develop and deliver optimized MLSP algorithms for various server-side and mobile platforms.

  • Coordinate research applied by hands-on development, to accelerate implementation, testing and delivery cycles to meet technical requirements and milestones.

  • Engage and work with academic-level advisory personnel on advanced topics to continuously advance the company’s intellectual property.

  • Be a team player, communicate and work with various product, design and technical functions, as well as external interfaces.

What Do You Need?

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering or equivilant degree.

  • MSc (or higher academic degree) in computer science with relevant Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Data Sceince academic knowledge.

  • Proven academic or industry hands-on experience in Matlab/Symulink toolboxes.

  • Hands-on expeirence, or relevant background in designing and training neural networks in pyTorch / TensorFlow / Caffe2

  • Strong analitical and research skills

  • Advantage: experience with Hadoop / Spark / Storm

  • Advantage: experience in Java, C++, Scala

  • Advantage: experience in sound engineering and signal processing


  • Experience with DSP.

  • Experience with C, C++, Java.

  • Experience with Audio Development.